Status: 22 September 2020


Funkpeilung als alliierte Waffe gegen deutsche U-Boote 1939 - 1945


Wie Schwächen und Versäumnisse bei der Funkführung

der U-Boote zum Ausgang der "Schlacht im Atlantik"

 beigetragen haben 


By: Arthur O. Bauer

Ralph Erskine

Klaus Herold




My book had been published in late 1997

For this occasion: I have issued and published it myself; including its entire book lay-out.

It was finally translated into German language by late Dr. Heinz Lissok


For this occasion, I have chosen for a good quality reproduction copy (127 MB),

which is nowadays more acceptable than was in the older days of the internet. Please notice, that during increasing book-page-numbers there will be an increasing discrepancy between the real book-page-numbers and the according PDF numbers. The reason is: - that for reader-convenience, I had implemented blank pages - as to allow that photos, drawings or schematics are always kept on the right-hand side of the book-pages; which blank pages, in our current case, have been skipped.






Rear book page

Shown on the photo is - a part of the famous British FH 4 Huff/Duff receiver






Funkpeilung als alliierte Waffe gegen deutsche U-Boote 1939-1945   (PDF 74MB)

I had the choice between a version of 137 MB and a lower quality copy og only 74 MB, constituting a difference of 50 MB,

as to keep data not much excessive, I choose for the latter option.