Considerations about the electrical antenna parameters of the German tank communication system Fu5


It originally was a presentation given during a meeting held at the Trasserheide in 2010


 Günter M König

During the last meeting in Dessau in the final days of April 2011, by the same group, I met for the first time Günter M. König (DJ8CY). He gave me a CD containing the digital version of his PowerPoint talk of the previous year; called:

Die Antennenanpassung der


Theoretische Analyse und technische Bewertung am

Beispiel des Funkgerätesatzes Fu5

Presented on 24 April 2010

For this occasion, preventing download problems, I have converted the file into pdf format


Briefly his contribution is on the antenna match of the German tank-radio set known as Fu5. Which mainly consisted of 10 WS c and UKWE e. A well known communication rig which was made in huge quantities (> 100,000 systems)


I enjoyed the way he approached this intriguing topic. Although, his contribution is in German language, I, nevertheless, believe that from the engineering point of view it is still worthwhile to look at it. In contrast to Britain, the German Army employed VHF (27.2 - 33.3 MHz) tank communications from about 1938 up to the bitter end in 1945. Fu5 and related versions constituted the backbone of their tank-to-tank communications. (please regard also: my paper on communications)



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