The Siemens and Halske Teleprinter, T-Type 68

FIAT 908

20 August 1946


V.E. Swain and R.A. Goodman

Technical Industrial Intelligence Division

U.S. Department of Commerce


Keywords:    Telex; S&H T 68; Evaluation: The design is radically different from the types previously manufactured, and although not in the production stage before the conclusion of hostilities, test of the models available and the capabilities of the engineers concerned in the design show that definite improvements have been effected ... ; The design, commenced about five years ago, was intended to provide the Wehrmacht with a machine requiring minimum maintenance, ligt in weight, and exceptional robust. It is in many respects radically different from the patterns previously manufactured by Siemens and Halske (and elsewhere, AOB). It is very compact and although the design influenced by Service requirements the possibility of applying the machine commercial use has been retained. The War finished before the production stage was reached. Fifteen samples were made and twelve of these were delivered to the Wehrmacht. The remaining three are in the possession of the firm, two at berlin and one at Munich .....