The Electrical and Technical

Ceramic Industry of Germany

Supplemenntary Report

(High Dielectric Constant Insulators)

FIAT 617


Personnel of Mission

Dr. Bernett S. Ellefson T.I.I.D. (FIAT)

Mr. Otto Guttmann T.I.I.D. (FIAT)


Technical Industrial Intelligence Division

U.S. Department of Commerce


Fiat Final Report No. 617

(Supplement No. 1)

31 January, 1947


Keywords:    Milling; Firing; Metallizing; Low loss and high permittivity ceramic body composition; Titanium peroxide and Titanium Oxides; X-Ray analysis; Darkening of irradiated titanium bodies; High frequency radiation absorption; Ceramic loaded plastic films; Coefficient of expansion; Use of Zirconium oxide; Use of lanthanum oxide; Use of tin oxide; ...



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