Fock - Achgelis Rotary Wing Kite

FIAT 176


1 October 1945


Focke-Achgelis Rotary Wing Kite

(Division of Weser Flugzeugwerke)

Strange, inside the: table of contents they quote: Focke Achelis FA-330 Rotary Wing Kite


By H.E. Weihmiller

H.P. Meiners

Technical Industrial Intelligence Committee


Keywords:    Focke Achelis FA-330 Rotary Wing Kite;

Target:    Focke-Achgelis Flugzeugbau ???; Divison of Weser Flugzeugwerke, Hoyenkamp (near Delmenhorst), Germany

General: This plant previously manufactured Focke Achgelis helicopters, the last of which, type FR-223, was reported made in 1942. As the FR-223 is believed to be generally known and this plant did not engage in any designing activities, that model was not investigated by this team.

In September 1944, this plant became a manufacturing division of Weser, Flugzeugwerke, whose head offices are in the Lloyd Building, Bremen .... They also produced about 200 complete one man, rotating wing kites for use as observation platform to be towed from submarines. The engineering of these projects was carried on at Laupheim offices of Focke-Achgelis, Weser Flugzeugwerke being only ...

In the final assembly building, three rather complete kites were found in shipping boxes. Upon request, one was assembled and its manufacture and operation explained by Mr. Fritz Klunner, plant Superintendent, and the few shop men remaining. ...

The Fa-330 is a three-bladed rotating wing type kite ...

The three rotor blades rotate freely about a vertical axis (offset from center line of the pylon ...



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