The Krawinkel Image-Storing

Cathode Ray Tube

FIAT 1027



J.Fred Adams, Jr.

Technical Industrial Intelligence Division

U.S. Department of Commerce

2 April 1947



This report covers a new type of cathode ray tube which is capable of storing images over long periods of time. The tube was developed by Dr. Krawinkel with the idea of eliminating flicker in television pictures. This tube also be used for recording and storing impulses of short duration for comparisson purposes. The writing time is about 1 mm. in 5 x 10-8 seconds and it is believed that this can be increased to 1 mm in 5 x 10-10 seconds. The first laboratory samples of this new type of cathode ray tube were completed in 1944.


Keywords:    Licht Beriesellung!; It is well known that flicker exists in television pictures due to the fact that the light spot which produces the picture must traverse the whole screen and that a complete picture is produced only due to the inertia of the eye .... ; With this in view in 1938 Dr. Krawinkel ... ; Plate constructions ... ; gittering ... ; normal secondary emission factor curve .. 





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