PQK 10


FNR 16


SK 17 (VK17)



The quartz controller to the FuG 10 (FuG X) system

A rather rare device. 



Viewing what is inside PQK 10

Q 1 means quartz 1, like W1 stood for resistor 1



Viewing it from the opposite side


FNR 16

Fern-Nah Relais 16

This small module was implemented between the antenna-cable and the antenna-tuner attached onto the aerial.

Its purpose was, to reduce the transmitting power for a factor of 40 dB whereas the receiver function receiver with normal sensitivity.


Simply to be operated when nearby aircraft should be contacted; as not to inform the enemy of their being around.


The unit type-number sticker

FNR 16 (Fern-Nah-Relais 16)

Gerät.Nr. 124-980A-1 (Construction drawing number)

Anforder Z. Ln 27258  (GAF stock-number)



FNR 16 lid being taken off

Apparently all seals are genuine and we therefore will not remove the inside plate. The lower coaxial plug can be connected onto the aerial coaxial plug on top of the FuG16... mounting frame right away

The two connections on the left-hand side are meant for the switching relay; the output connection is on the right-hand side.



FNR 16 module

The coaxial output connection linking onto the antenna is found on the left-hand side. For correct explication: The receiver signal flows in on the left and the transmitter signal goes out there. The right-hand side is for the switching voltage or current.


On 18 October 2014


Sk 17 (VK17)

The previously shown FNR 16 being mounted onto the Verteilerkasten 17, which might be equal in most respect to VK16

The Fern-Nah-Relais being attached onto the common coaxial antenna connector.



Viewing the attachment from a bit different perspective



Viewing the VK17 from inside

The three connectors are meant for inter-connecting the three modules of which a FuG17 and FuG16 consist. Like in the FuG 10 and its derivates, mounting frames are always interconnected by means of 'flat-cables'. During the war, in Britain then not appreciated. It makes, however, changing frames very simple.


SK 548473?

This VK module carries a number, likely pointing at some manufacturer stock number.

Right from the centre we see the antenna connector.



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