Exhibits-details 25

Lo 6 K 39

Initiated: 18 October 2017

Status 18 October 2017



Our aims this time are putting a device on display, but on the same time showing what is inside

Therefore we have placed it at a turning disk as to allow noticing how in looks like inside. But this is also a splendid opportunity to feed mains from the sealing; so that - while turning its 'shortwave listening' should continue. It has to be noticed though, that it cannot yet predicted what the actual local noise level is. However, this should, generally, reduce in strength with increasing frequency.

I would also like to look whether it does make sense that a loudspeaker being interconnected; although a loudspeaker might disturb other visitors and a headphone is likely more adequate.



We have removed the screening-off plate to the coil-turret section

I am quite surprised by the sound quality of our new Lo6K39 Marine RX.  



The turning disk should, accordingly what is printed on its box being able to carry 100 kg load, whereas this receiver, without case might weight approx. 62 kg



Isn't it beautifully constructed?



The Germans took great care in respect to screen off

In this case the Al plate being combined with Cu at the inner side. This kind of material was known a Kupal (Kupfer/Aluminium).

These two material cannot be galvanic interconnected one another. But they came around by a special technique; they pressed both plate materials together at rather high pressure; where defundation takes place.


For today I would like to throw a quick view inside the Lo 6 K 39 case

Also inside the case all looking quite sound.

The removed screening cover plate being fixed by two broad take strips, otherwise such plates got easily be lost.


In progress, will be continued in due course



By Arthur O. Bauer