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Ha 15 K42

On June 1 in Eindhoven Rommert Zonneveld

gave me a present on behalf of Geert Reerds

whom was so kind to donate

his power supply to

our Ha15K42


I collected it in Eindhoven, but have to admit that I have not yet traced the actual Ha15K42 receiver-transmitter.

(AOB: On Sunday 16 June, I was able to re-find our HA 15 K 42 set. The reason of not finding it instantly, was - that the image in my mind differed a bit from its actual shape. Realistically, that is how it goes in life!


This photo was taken in 2016, so just 8 years ago

The Ha15K42 is the set in the middle of this photograph.

The Al unit down on the right-hand side does not belong to this set genuinely; for it is the Power-Supply we describe below.



Typ Ha 15 K 42

Fabrikations Nr. 257 brd (= Hagenuk) Serial number194


The second photo shows the case including the power-supply front panel


Viewing for details - the two upside-down placed electrolytic capacitors must have once been equal to the two capacitors left of them (one marked 'C 13' made by Electronica (likely an Italian brand)


I first have to find out what type of neon-stabiliser valves will fit into the sockets

The two sockets visible and the other two on the left-hand side are all of the type RG12D60 (thus 12 V filament and 60 mA current supply maximal per valve 


The construction is quite neat


The double-phase rectifier type RG 12D60 was quite well known


At least we know now the neon voltage regulator valve size is now known


The kind donator wrote additionally:

Heb sinds 1963 de complete set in mijn bezit gehad afkomstig uit de stelling Nansum net ten noorden van Delfzijl verkregen via de dorpselectrien die waarschijnlijk  bij de bevrijding de bunkers  leeg hebben  gehaald.

 Ben in 1965 gelicenceerd en heb hier voor clandestien met de set gewerkt op 80m, helaas heb destijds de z/o gesloopt voor de mooie afstem mechanieken.

We know now, at least that it might originate from a German defence place north of Delftzijl named: Nansum.

 Has to be continued, but I first have to trace where the Ha15K42 artefact has been stored.

From experience, this might take some time, and some good luck!


(2)  (since 23 June 2003)


On 21 June 2024

Hans Goulooze and I approached the Klooster premises artefacts again.


I luckily found the Ha15K42 set again.

I forgot to take a picture when the set was still mounted inside its box visible in the background.


I could remember that something was missing, which is partially visible on the right-hand side


Not clearly visible from this perspective is the inside coil of this ball-type goniometer, which electrical winding are made of deposited silver conductors (one deposited at the ball and the inner side of the outside ball as well. Also the orange coloured coil is of a conical construction

It looks quite properly build

Possessing a manual or schematic would be very helpful during our Hagenuk survey.


Viewing it from a slightly different perspective


 The module with the black cylindrical quartz is placed where it should about be mounted.

But fore it the module with the two black cylindrical scaled have to demounted; certainly not an easy job to accomplish.


The neon stabiliser is 100 V/15 mA (or 75 V/15 mA)?

The bigger valve is type LS 50 a very nice universal German Luftwaffe type.


Viewing it differently


The device where on the left-hand side a wire is passing through, is a transformer for measuring the antenna current

The Relay on the far left-hand side represents the antenna-relay for switching the antenna on to the receiver or onto the transmitter section.



(3)  (since 29 June 2024)

On Wednesday 26 June 2024 I used the opportunity to take a photograph of the front panel of our Ha15K42 set


Some of the knobs have to be changed, but at least we possess some substance


Hans provided the serial number

Ha 15 K 42

F.Nr. 356   brd (= Hagenuk) 194



We possess already for > 40 years the Ha15K42 box to the Netzgeršt

Which since 1st of June we possess ultimately the genuine Netzgeršt (Power supply), albeit not yet in an useable order.


(4)   (since 13 July 2024)

On 13 July we have supplemented hand-drawn schematics to the Ha15K42

We kindly got it from

JÝrgen Fastner


Dear Arthur,

from your website I have seen that you recently have been looking at the Ha15K42 and are in need of documentation.

In my collection I have a Ha15K42 (without the case but in a very nice condition), and I just found an empty case for the power supply at the HAM-Radio meeting in Friedrichshafen!

I have different photos of the station from the inside and also the spare-part case and the power supply. I have asked several collectors if they know of a manual for the staion, but nobody has it. But I do have some schematics of the station! I think it was made by a salesman in Denmark - Beck Hansen - who did sell this station to radio amateurs. You will find the schematics attacked to this email.


It has been a long time since we have been in contact, and I hope that everything is fine with you.


With best regards,

JÝrgen Fastner


Schematic number 1



Schematic 2



Schematic 3

Sender (TX)


Schematic 4






To be continued in due course

By Arthur O. Bauer