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Today, not very sensational,


nevertheless enjoying


Status: 1 October 2020



Since last Monday we finally obtained the genuine tripod to the Elster system

down on the ground the genuine NA apparatus to the Elster system.

On the far right-hand side, he just look at our slave clock controlled by our Siemens HU 20 master clock




Viewing it slightly differently



Maybe not connected to the Elster apparatus on display,


I took several pictures, though this was afterall the best one

Hans Goulooze being busy with his Philips famous 990X receiver restoration.


The 990X was the best broadcast receiver Philips produced up to the early days of the Second World War.


The main downside of this receiver - is the fact that Philips relied upon genuine rubber-wire-insulations; which, naturally, has become after > 75 year very brittle.



By Arthur O. Bauer