Die Ablenkstufe des Fernseh-Gemeinschaftsempfängers E1

By: J.E. Scheel and R. Urtel

Die Telefunken-Röhre

Issue of August 1941 - volume 21/22

Germany's, maybe Europe's, leading periodical on electronic valve (tube) research


ES111 open view

For its days it might have been a revolutionary (unique) power valve construction. It had, however, proved that it was having shortcomings especially in respect to life-time. It was, nevertheless, meant for functioning in both vertical and horizontal deflection stages of the peoples TV type E1. A product designed in corporation with Germany's leading TV manufactures (Telefunken - Fernseh G.m.b.H - Blaupunkt and Lorenz). What mainly counted was, that the TV set should be cheap, so that the mass of the German population could afford it. When Germany introduced for the first time colour TV in 1967, German industry came up also with a single TV chassis type. Each manufacturer modified since from this basic model their own future product. For this reason, for decades, it was still visible that, for instance, most horizontal deflection section was on the right-hand side (looking from the rear) of a colour TV set such as: Blaupunkt, Nordmende and Telefunken. Grundig and Kuba-Imperial had, nevertheless, their horizontal deflection stages also on the right-hand side, although they did not join the so-called 'Uniform' chassis design.


A real novel feature of German TV in 1939 was, that their TV picture tubes were having a rectangular screen layout, whereas even in the early 1950 circular picture tubes were commonly used world wide!


    Please click on this link for downloading the full 1939 article on TV type E1


Just after this particular webpage on the ES111 was created (23 February 2010), my friend Tom Going, being also a member of the IEHG (International Electronics History Group), brought to our attention the very nice German website on the TV set E1 of 1939. It shows many photos of this set, including the ones from what is inside this intriguing TV apparatus.

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More detailed information (thanking Adri de Keijzer) on the ES111 is available at (please activate the next hyperlink):  



For those interested in TV signal standards during pre-war years, the TFT article of 1938 might be an eye opener: TFT 441 TV Norm 1939 (PDF). In this paper is discussed the route of their coming into being.



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