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I have to apologise for the fact that we again will be confronted with the downsides of British Intelligence policy.

Where (xeno)phobia was apparent, already in the days, where Nazi Germany did not existed; in the second half of the 1920s; albeit that Salzmann arrived on 18.3.1930.

Very much of this, quite extensive file, concerns an ill phobia with extremely little results - but tragedy.

I have doubted between creating a regular html webpage or, this time, a series of PDF documents.

The advantage of a html webpage is, that it is easy to implement bookmarks (including accurate returning) to and from everywhere of our website.

However, I do expect that for this subject we will not directly encounter these circumstances.

After some consideration, I have decided that it is really making sense to get an impression of whom Erich von Salzmann really was.

Therefore an interesting link:

He really was a quite tough man, definitely with guts.

* More significant - whatever the Secret Service servant's thoughts were - nowhere in all the papers copies, which have remained time, is a single real proof of Erich von Salzmann being engaged in real espionage or subversive engagements against Britain.

What was von Salzmann then doing in England?

In his days in London - he was a broad-minded journalist, whom arrived in March 1930, representing a German Press organisation (Scherl)

Von Salzmann's wife Kaethe was Jewish and about mid 1935, therefore, his German journalistic engagements were terminated, and he became, among others, engaged with the Japanese and, in some way with the Russians as well.

But still consider his "political analyses" being the core of his intellectual concept.

These analyses were mainly from reading newspapers, but also gathering peoples opinions; and other means.

We may consider - that Erich von Salzmann also spoke, in some respect, a Chinese language; likely also some Japanese, as he lived there about 1922.

His main engagements concerned "the political state of affairs"; particularly where he lived for a while. Be in the Far East, such as China, Japan, London or elsewhere.

Annoying is - that these very Crown servants continuously remained pointing at Erich von Salzmann being a spy. Apparently, for them, maybe an intellectual flaw of understanding; the real world is a wider field, than the limited horizon of their own office-desk; and the way between their homes (families) and offices, vice versa. 


* Let us, after all, be aware: that in the case of - Erich von Salzmann really could have been accused of espionage - that he certainly would have been brought to Justice, or being expelled immediately from Britain (persona non-grata); though, neither of these circumstances (possibilities) occurred - during the > 9 years he lived in England. That he left England, somewhere in August 1939, more or less in panic, was caused by the circumstance - that a new World War was eminent - and consequently - the Salzmann family would have been captivated instantly, because they were Aliens. 


* AOB: the longer I am engaged within the rather tragic Erich von Salzmann case, it becomes more and more evident - that the tragic fates of Erich von Salzmann, and later, Erich Vermehren**, are becoming quite comparable. The mutual reason of their dramatic fates - was the apparent anti-German Phobia - within the British Secret Services; which phenomenon existed already long before the Nazi era; even long before the start of the foregoing century (1800s).


Right or wrong my country; may only be claimed by British subjects, and don't dare to claim it elsewhere similarly!

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