DASD Rufzeichenliste



Call-sign list status: 25. August 1941



In the foregoing two web contributions:

DASD-CQ, German radio amateur (Funkamateur) magazine of 1937, call-sign list!!


DASD-CQ, some of 1939/41 and 1944. Proving that >86 'D' HAMs got war-license!!


We have learned that in contrast to what still is being told in Anglo-Saxon circles, the Germans weren't kept from HAM operations entirely, before the war.

It has to be noticed, that like in their pre-war days the numbers of active HAMs was being kept quite limited; when I remember well this was 473 or that like.

In my perception quite curious, was the fact that it seemingly was easier to apply for a wartime license than it had been for them in pre-war days.

In the foregoing web pages this phenomenon have been discussed extensively.

They had been allowed to operate up to the bitter end in May 1945.

The limited number of licensed HAMs were accompanied with a vaster group of 'licensed listening' amateurs (DE designations). Both groups had to be member of DASD.

The existence of HAMs as well as listening stations, who, by the way, had been obliged to share the regular 'Rundspruch' transmissions, had afterwards to hand-in standardized reception reports. Which, in my perception, benefitted to their "propagation forecasts"(Funkwetter-Vorhersagen).


Within this call-sign list you will encounter D4arr, whose name was Hannes Bauer, one of the most well known German radio amateurs world wide.

Just in the call-sign list of 1937 I couldn't trace Hannes Bauer's call-sign. The likely reason for this, like later was being practised in the DDR (Volksarmee) as well,  was that those active (engaged) in the Wehrmacht service had to hand-in their current amateur license for the time-being.

As already mentioned, the wartime considerations on this aspect were approached quite differently.

During the war Hannes was engaged in the Abwehr, particularly with DFing on illicit transmissions. 



D4aar in post war days, he got post-war call-sign: DL1DX

Courtesy Rudolf Staritz


On the rear side of the foregoing photo Rudolf Staritz noticed:

Hannes Bauer

Kurz vor seinem 80. Geburtstag

und vor seinem Tod