cm-Technik 5-10(3) cm


Bericht aus dem Telefunken Labor EL5

by Dr. Bürck (Tlfk)


Internal report of about mid 1944


Topics: CmW-Prüfgerät (small magnetron test oscillator for the RD2Md and RD2Mh, including schematics (Stromlaufplan); data on LMS12 - LMS100 - LMS10 - RD2Mg - RD2Mg - RD2Mh - RD2Me (LM504/5)- RD2Md2; EL-Bericht 5/1 Dr. Bürck, EL5; Geheim Nr. 5, 3 cm - Klystron-Prüfsender für LD20; LD21 - LD27 Die Arbeitsweise eines Spiegel- (Reflexions-) Klystrons; Mechanical internal construction of the LD20! LD20 test set-up (Date of this report 20 September 1944



LD20 reflex klystron, a German version of the US 723, for 3 cm; meant for Berlin D (DX) also known as Bremen, as to replace their own unreliable magnetrons

(Photo by courtesy of Mr Heinz Trochelmann)

Dealt with in the second part of this report




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