CIOS File No. XXV-12

C.Lorenz A.G.


Report on C. Lorenz A.G.

Survey 20th - 31st May 1945


Report compiled by

Dr. B.F. Jaffe - M.A.P.

Cdr. O.L. Ratsey - R.N.V.R.

F/Lt. W. Absom - T.R.E.


CIOS Target Numbers 1/30(b), 1/30(e), 1/30(g), 1/30(i)



G-2 Division, SHAEF (Rear) APO 413


Keywords: Telefunken - Philips - Lorenz - Marconi - RCA and C.F.R. cartell (Kartell); Lorenz - Philips - IT&T (ITT) agreement of 1930; Factory locations Mühlhausen (Thuringia) Silesia Küstrin; Laboratory Chief Mr. Herzog Berlin; Maj. K. Schmid general manager - Organising Secretary Mr. A. Rothe (Mühlhausen) - Works Manager E. Brinkmann (Berlin - Sales & Purchases Major Schmid (Berlin) - Controller Brenner (Now at Füssen - Radio Broadcast Sales Roessing (Berlin)(now said to be in Hamburg (May 1945!); Aerials Pulse Modulation Dr. Wundt (Berlin); Second technical Chief Dr. Roshow (Berlin); High Power Transmitters Mr. Gutzmann (Berlin); Medium Power Transmitters 1/20 kW Mr. Schuhmacher (Auerbach); Low Power Transmitters (less than 1 kW of more than one metre Dr. Kloepfer (Auerbach); At Wavelengths less than 1 metre Dr. Gossl (Mühlhausen Transmitters Dr. Puhlmann (Falkenstein); All types of Receivers lower than 1 metre Dr. Viehweger (Falkenstein); Iron Dust Cores and Components Mr. Reiser (Mittweida); Crystals dr. Jacobs (Berlin); Third technical Chief dr. Kramar (Landshut, Bavaria); Receivers for navigation and attachment to existing receivers for communication and homing purposes Dr. Johannson (now in Sleswig near Kiel); Ground equipment dr. Goldmann (Landshut); radar Airborne and jamming Dr. Christ (Auerbach) - Radar navy dr. Müller; Forth Technical Chief Mr. Wiessner (Berlin); Carrier frequency Laboratories in Chrast (Czechoslavakia; Fifth technical Chief dr. Seydelbach (Berlin); Sixth technical Chief Dr. Grimson (Mühlhausen); Seventh technical Chief dr. Jung (Berlin Patents; Cromann; Gerät type a39bl = Transmitter and receiver 3 to 5 Mc/s Power 0.6 Watt range 12 km;  Gerät type a4 (f) - Transmitter and receiver 3 to 6.7 Mc/s; Gerät type k - variation of above two - range 15 km; Gerät type 20 watt-Sender 3.95 to 4.5 Mc/s this might have been 39.5 - 45 MHz!; Gerät type i - Transmitter 1.87 to 3.00 m/cs Power 3.5 Watt Range 25 km; Dr. Grimmsen, teleprinters; Stuttgart radio link Dr. Gossl; Mühlhausen factory made: RV2P800 - DS 310 - DS 311 - PL2.4T1 - RL2.4P2 - RL1P2 - LG10 - RD12Tf; Stuttgart covers FuG 0s and Fug 03a FuG 03 works on a wavelengths of 50-54 cms ... ; further had been produced sets on 20-24 cms using magnetrons and experimental RD12La - Each set had 10 channels .. ; RD12La klystrons 20 watt at 20-24 cms...; E-Band jammer; Feuerzauber on 1.2 - 1.0 ?? using two Siemens TS60 giving 5 kW pulses????; Feuermolch on 8.5 - 9.7 cms 4 kW pulses using Telefunken ld7?? (written L57, may be LS7??) planar Scheibenrühre thus most likely LD7!!, Blaupunkt jammer .. ;  target Falkenstein Dr Schmidt _ Fullmann, Kloepfer and Vieweger; A 10 cm model of the FuG200 .... using Telefunken Lo7 Planar triuode (this meant LD7!!); LD11;Neuling IFF FuG226 - Frischling IFF response .. ; Lt. Col. French; Target landshur Bauhof Strasse 5 visited 29/5/1945 Dr. Blatt Dr. Kramar, Farvis of TRE and Redgemann of ASE Surely is meant Mr Redgement!!; Elektra Sonne - Goldsonne Dr. Goldtmann?; Dr. Kimmel - LMT of Lyon (wrongly spelled Lyons)

Please be aware, that these kinds of British post war reports are containing quite some wrongly spelling. This might indicate, that those responsible were not much interested in its content. They might not even have looked at it before it had been published. This time even some British names were wrongly printed.



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