Electronic Test, Instruments

Spark and Flash Discharge

 Photographic Equipment

 Philips, Eindhoven



Investigating of Philips, Eindhoven, With Reference to

Electronic Test Instruments,

And Spark and Flash Discharge Photographic Equipment

3 - 8 December 1944


Reported by

Mr. G.E. Bennett, M.A.P.

Roayal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, Hants


CIOS Target Number 9/7


Keywords:    Subject of investigations; Action Recommended; Cathode Ray Oscilligraphs; Vibration measuring equipment; Pressure measuring equipment; Stroboscope; Miscellaneous electronic test instruments; Photoelectric cells; Contacts: Dr. Holst - Mr. R. Veldhijzen - Mr. Dorsman - Mr. Dafees - Mr. de Lange - Mr. Van Veen; ... non of these instruments was available from stock ...; an order be placed with the firm for the following instruments ... ; GM 4570 .. GM 3156 ... GM 5520 ..GM 5527 .. GM 5522 .. GM 3158 ..GM 2307 .. GM 4132 .. GM 4260 .. GM 4140 ..;  .. Their knowledge was sound, although somewhat out-of-date due to lack of facilities ... ; Oscillograph Type GM 3156 and Measuring bridge Type 4140 were being manufactured in Germany .. 



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