A.C. Instruments

for High Frequencies

List No. 162 (about 1925/1927)


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The Cambridge and Paul Instrument Co., LTD

Head Office and Showrooms:

45, Grosvenor Place, London, S.W.1

Works: London and Cambridge



Inductance standards and accessories; Self Inductance Standard Multi-range Compensated Type; Variable Self Inductance; Low inductance resistances; Campbell Constant Inductance Rheostat; Precision Condensors, single Mica Condensors; Subdevided Mica Condensors; Subdivided paper Condensors, Telephone type - power type; Variable Plate Condensors; Sources and Subsidiary Apparatus; Valve Generator; Eccles Valve-Maintained Tuning Fork; Reed Hummer; Tuned Detectors - Campbell Vibration Galvanometer; Tuned Telephones; Galvanometers for high Frequency Measurements; Duddell Thermo-Galvanometer for High Frequency Measurements; Duddell Thermo-Ammeter - Indipendent Junctions; Vacuo-Junctions - High Frequency Galvanometers; High Sensitivity Reflecting Galvanometer for High Frequencies; Sensitive Pointer Galvanometer; Unipivot Galvanometer system Paul; Portable High Frequency Galvanometer Outfits; Thermal Milliammeter Multi-range; Moullin Voltmeter (patented) - Type A Voltmeter; Cross-Talk meter; Standard Artificial Telephone Cable; Trunk Cable Test Sets; Some Methods of Measuring Inductance, Capacity and resistance; Measurements of Mutual Inductance - Maxwell's Method; Measurement of Self Inductance and Effective Resistance - Heaviside Equal Ratio Bridge; Self Inductance of Four-Terminal Resistances; Carey Forster Bridge - Precautions when testing small condensers - Measuring of large Self Inductances; Anderson's Bridge; Wien's Bridge; Capacity Ratio Arm Bridge; Hughes-Rayleigh Bridge; Campbell'sMethod of Measuring Large Capacities or Frequencies; Hay's Method of Measuring Large Self Inductances and Effective Resistance; Tuned Arm Method of Measuring Effective Resistance; Maxwell's Commutator Bridge; Some Applications of the Moullin Voltmeter



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