BIOS Trip No. 1876

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Reported by:

Capt. C.A. Anderson CDN GOV'T

Mr. C.S. Freeman MAP (IND)

Mr. P. Middleton MAP (IND)

Mr. G. Phillips MOS

Mr. S. Rodda MAP (IND)

Mr. C.B. Taylor MAP

Mr. W.G. White MAP


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Keywords: Photocell and multiplier techniques; television pick-up tubes; image convertors: Bildwandler tubes; Fernseh G.m.b.H.; AEG, Lorenz-Bildwandler; storage tube; Zeiss-Ikon Dresden; Brückner formerly with Leybold at Clausthal-Zellerfeld; Dr. Carl Bosch formerly AEG Berlin developed manufacturing processes for photo-cathodes, living now at Schloss Wolfsbrunnen Weg Heidelberg; Dr. Chi Ping formerly worked on television circuits under Dr. Karolus at Leipzig, now living at Albert Franke Strasse 7 Usingen; Dr. Cario on staff Brunswick (Braunschweig) Technical High School in co-operation with Voightlander Optical Co. developed a method using photoelectric cells for production testing of lenses; Dr. Hilda Dossmann research chemist at Kast and Ehinger, made PbS and PbTe cells; Dr. Helmut Eich research chemist at Kast and Ehinger made PbS and PbTe cells and small grain size phosphors now working at Kast & Ehinger Krupp Strasse 2 Stuttgart-Feuerbach; Prof. Abraham Esau Director of DVL and DFS Headquarters at Oberpfaffenhofen, worked on infra-red measurements and did research on production and measurement of radiation in the range 750-1000 microns; Prof. Fuchtbauer retired University Bonn research into variation of photo-effect in galena between different samples, now living in Bonn University; Dr. W. Flechzig? Fernseh GmbH Berlin, worked on photocathode and picture tubes of all types. now working with very small staff at Trilke Werke Hildesheim; Dr. Richard Fleischer, formerly DFS Ainring, worked on photo-emissive cells and electron multipliers, specialized in silver-oxide-caesium cells. Now working for Dr. Brinkmann at Kurhausweg 150, Grünenplan über Alfred/Leine; Ing. Heinrich Franz (Fränz?) formerly worked on photo-emissive cells and electron multipliers AEG Berlin, now working at Telefunken Sickingenstrasse 71, Berlin; Ing. Michael Halbeck, formerly worked under Dr. Knoll and dr. Thiele on photocells and picture tubes of all kinds at Telefunken Berlin, now at Brunngarten Strasse 6 Dachau; Prof. Hanle, under Luftwaffe direction developed a type of Geiger-Müller counter for use in a proximity fuse operated by ultra-violet light. Now at Physics Institute University Giesen; Prof. Max Knoll, formerly director of Electronics research at Telefunken berlin. Now living at Bocklin Strasse 36, München (Munic) Nymphenburg; Dr. Paul Goerz director Fernseh GmbH Berlin, now organizing small Fernseh group at Trilke Werke, Hildesheim; Prof. Dr. Werner Kluge, formerly head of photocell development at AEG Berlin. Recently has applied for a patent on a image convertor light amplifier. Now working as consulting engineer at Schloss Pullach 6 Bad Aibling; Dr. E. Kutzcher, formerly head department developing PbS, PbSe and PbTe cells at Elac Kiel. Now associated with Kiel University and living at Nettlebeck Strasse Kiel; Herr Michaelis has done development work on electron multipliers at reichspost Forschungsanstalt, Aach near Engen. This institute is now manufacturing broadcast equipment; Dr. Rolf Möller, director of television research at Fernseh GMBH Berlin. Developed iconoscopes, super-iconoscopes and small television cameras for use in missiles. Now organizing fernseh GmbH at taufkirchen, This small plant is engaged in valve repair and test instrument manufacture; Dr. Presser of Electrocell GmbH Teltow-kanal Strasse 1-4 Berlin. Developed selenium photo-voltaic cells for exposure meters; Dr. Hans Sauer, formerly head of design department Zeiss-Ikon Dresden, among his subordinateds was Dr. Gorlich who developed antimony-caesium photo surfaces. Now at Silcher Strasse 2 Hildesheim; Dr. Schaffernicht, formerly worked on photosurfaces and image convertor tubes at AEG Berlin. Now at Altenauer Strasse Clausthal-Zellerfeld; Prof. Dr. Fritz Schröter, formerly head of television and electronic research Telefunken Berlin. Now at Schlosshau 5 Heidenheim; Dr. Richard Thiele, formerly in charge of development of photocells, electron multipliers and iconoscopes at Telefunken Berlin. Now at Marburg University and living at In Gefalle 4? Lahn Marburg; Dr. Uhlmann, worked on photocells, electron multipliers, image convertors and iconoscopes for Lorenz A.G. Berlin-Tempelhof. Interrogation was incomplete due to illness; Dr. J.E. Weiss, made solver-oxide-caesium cells using Baird process at Reichspost Forschungsanstalt Aach, near Engen. This institute is now manufacturing boadcast equipment; Dr. Ernst Westermann, Director of Reichspost research at Speyer and Saarbrücken. Improved process for making silver-oxide-caesium photo-cathodes. Now living in Neustadt and available through the French Military Government at Speyer; Special transparent signal plate iconoscope Telefunken; Dr. Weiss and Mr. Peter of the Reichspost Research Institute, Dr. Droscher;Dr. Fleischer; Prof. Suhrmann




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