European Electron Induction


BIOS Miscellaneous 77


Technical Report No. 331-45

October 1945

Prepared by

H.F. Kaiser



Report prepared by

U.S. Naval Technical Mission in Europe


Keywords:    high energy x-radiation, were under development in Germany during the war and are also to some extent at present; History of development on the continent; Activities of the Megavolt Versuchsanstalt of Wrist near Erlangen; Operation; program further development; Calculations of Dr. Wideröe; The 100 Mv betatron with air gap; improvement of yield by means of auxiliary lenses; Projected design for 100 and 200 Mv betatrons; final form decided upon .. ; details of yoke, acceleration chamber construction; Addition data concerning the 15 Mv betatron (MVA); Survey ideas on protected betatron work at Siemens-Reiniger and C.H.F. Müller; Details of electron injector structure ... ; Rolf Wideröe of Begen Norway which appeared in 1927. This was coincedent with the American Slepian patent US1645304 Oct 11 1927..; Development on the continent have been based on Wideröe's work. The basic ideas were by Steenbeck in his patents of 1937 DE656378 and DE698867 An induction electron accelerator was built on these principles and tried with success ... ; The design of the 200 Mv accelerator was completed about this time and the construction work turned over to the Brown Boveri firm in Heidelberg. Recent investigation showed that MVA had no further connection with this project .. ; .. a considerable amount of theoretical work had been carried out by Touschek .. ; Note to the basic patents in Betatron Field .. ; An application was filed in Germany Feb. 16 1923 and granted May 23 1929 DE477498. Considerable difficulty was had in obtaining the German patent because Dr. Schmidt of the German Patent Office contended that the application was based on an impossibility. The support of this Prof. Abraham's text were were cited to contend that the idea that a magnetic field could only guide ab electron but not accelerate it.  Reply was made by the Westinghouse firm that the idea was misunderstood and no such clain as stated by Dr. Schmidt was implied. After more correspondence it was reluctantly admitted that there was a possibility of electron acceleration and a patent was finally granted. .. ;  Dr. Ganswindt - Mr. Kurt Bischoff - Dr. J. Patzold - Dr. K. Gung of Siemens .. W.W. Jasinsky Gund corrects this error .. ring cathode ... ; Dr. Helmut Bocker Brown Boveri (BBC); construction of the core .. ; Acceleration chamber .. C.H.F. Müller .. ; ..The experimental result was a radiation current equivalent by radiation to about 1 kg. of radium ...


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