Advantages and Disavantages of Frequency and

Phase Modulation in the Light of the Special

Requirements Demanded by Aviation, as well as

its Application to Wireless Navigation

BIOS Miscellaneous 83


Reported by

Ministry of Supply


TPA3/TIB TRanslation

No. GDC 10/6039 T

Issued by the Ministry of Supply

By: J. Brunswig : W. Kloepfer : and M. Viewger

Lilienthal Society Report No. S.12




I would like to inform you, that for practical reasons I copied only the, in my perception, interesting report pages. Therefore the content of this document copy is only pointing at some ‘highlights’.

This report reflects a presentation (1942) on behalf of the well respected Lillienthal Gesellschaft (called after a famous German aeronautical pioneer)


Keywords:    Output, efficiency of the output stage and Power Control .. Distortions with modulation .. Non-linear characteristics .. ; Frequency modulation - Phase-Modulation ... ; ... Frequency control of the carrier ... Elimination of interference by individual interfering stations and disturbing spectra ... The reciprocal interference of two frequency modulated carrier waves. ... Phase Modulation ... Importance of Frequency modulation for Aircraft Wireless ... Sender mit Doherty-Modulation .. Amstrong-FM-Schaltung .. FM durch gesperr Trockengleichrichter!! ..    


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