The German Metal Rectifier


BIOS 797


Reported By

E.A. Richards

L.E. Thompson

On behalf of the Industries and Manufacture Department Board of Trade

BIOS Trip No: 1884

BIOS Target Numbers:

C21/1543, C21/1544, 21/23, C21/1363


Keywords:    Composition of the Industry; Uses of Rectifiers; Selenium Rectifiers, Processes of Manufacture; Süddeutsche Apparate-Fabrik (S.A.F., AOB) C21/1543; Mix & Genest C21/1544; Siemens-Schuckert-Werke 21/23 (SSW, AOB); AEG C21/1363; Selenium Supply; Manufacture of Seleneous Acid; Precipitation of Selenium from Selenium Dioxide; Theoretical Conclusions concerning Selenium Rectifiers; Relative Merits of Various Manufacture methods; The Phiysical basis of the Selenium Rectifier; The Counter-Eelectrode; Electrical forming; Ageing; Alternative types of metal rectifier, proposals for future research; Copper-oxide rectifiers, process of manufacture; TeKaDe A.G.; S.A.F produced annually 36,000,000 selenium rectifiers; S.S.W. (SSW) 6,000,000 samples; AEG 10,000,000 units; TeKaDe 200,000 pieces; Gleichrichter Ring (Rectifier Ring); SAF Herr Hermann - Dr. Kippham - Dr. Lauckner; Hand-coating process; pressed powder process; Mix & Genest Dr. Kauffmann - Dr. Mehliss; SSW Herr Tschermak - Dr. Nietsche; AEG essential difference between .. evaporated .. ; Supply of selenium by Bolidens Sweden .. ; SAF added iodine - AEG bromide ... ; Japanese selenium ... ; manufacture of seleneous acid; Nitric Acid; precipitatation of selenium dioxid for SAF .. ; Prague conferenz 24-25 November 1945 Gleichrichter Ring ... ; The electrical conductivity of selenium; building up of the barrier-layer .. ; counter-electrode .. ; Koch and Paganski investigations and conclusions .. ; Owing to the difficulties in obtaining supplies of raw material in the later stage of the war .. ; Dr. H. Schmidt - Dr. Koch and Poganski - Dr. van Dingenen - Dr. Lehovec - Dr. Krebs together with AEG - SAF Dr. Baum - Dr. Muschweck .. ; German copper versus American Copper .. Felten & Guilleame Carlswerk A.G. Köln-Mühlheim and Wieland-Werke Ulm electrolytic copper .. ; sirutoren sirutor .. ; SSW Herr Tschermak Dr. Nietsche; Sirutor Siemens H.F. detector .. ; For the manufacture of HOKO (Highly stable discs a pre-ageing treatment of 48 hours at 90° C was applied .. ; Dr. Waibel (Siemens). American C.C.C.



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