Dornier Structtral Strength Test

Equipment and Methodes



Reported by

A.W. Hotson    M.A.P.


BIOS Target no. 25/8


Keywords:    This report describes the method and equipment used at the Dornier structural laboratory for testing the strength of the Do 335 complete airframe. The writer visited the Dornier laboartory on the 26th July 1945, when test specimen and test gear were being made ready for a test to be witnessed by French technicians. The test gear was completely mechanised and centrally controlled and had many interesting features which were discussed and photographed; The laboratory was located at Wasserburg, near Friedrichshafen .. ; The test condition represented low incidence, a speed of 900 km. per hour, and an ultimate factor of 1.8 x 5 = 9.0; The Dornier staff explained that destruction test are noormally preceded by a proff test to factor 1.35 x 5 = 6.75 (i.e. 75 % of ultimate) ... ; The specimen consisted of a complete airframe less tail surfaces and wing tips .. ; The test frame consisted of a permanent structure of rolled steel sections .. ; Load distribution Rig .. ; The dynometers were of the type shown ... The dynometers were also fitted with load selecting needles .. ; ... Dornier relied on mechanical gauges of the Huggenburger type ...


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