Investigation of German Plastic Plants

Part III

Processing of Polyvinyl Chloride

BIOS 445


15 September - 23 October 1945

Reported by:

J.W. Crawford,    M. of S.

T. Love M. of S.


B.O.I.S. Target Numbers-

22/40, C22/2339, C22/2043, C22/2015, C9/580, C22/1201, C22/2305, C22/2040, C22/2016

I cannot recall why I have not copied all pages. Most likely this was done after considering that their content is not much of interest. Please bear in mind, that I travelled two or sometimes even three times a year to London and brought each time back home several thousand Xerox copies.


Keywords:    Dynamit A.G. Troisdorf 22/40 and Krümmel near Hamburg C22/2339; Deutsche Linoleum Werke Delmenhorst near Bremen C22/2043; Schlieper & Braun Wuppertal/Elbersfeld C22/2015; Deutsche Grammophon G.m.b.H. Hannover C9/580; Bisterfeld & Stolting Redevormwald near Wuppertal C22/1201; Paul Troester Hannover/Wülfel C22/2305; Joseph Eck & Söhne Düsseldorf/Heerdt C22/2040; Hermann Berstorff Hannover/Buchholz C22/2016 ... ; Calendred sheet from polyvinyl chloride; Printing of calendered soft Mipolam sheet .. ; German calender markers; Igelit PCU with Vinnol HH; soft Mipolam sheet for raincapes; ... at Bitterfeld the emulsion is evaporated in a sray drier ("Nubilose" type) by contacting the sprayed emulsion with hot air .. ; Wacker polyvinyl chloride this polymer (Vinnol) was not normally employed by Troisdorf but evidence from ... ; Igelit MP, Astralon, Igelit MP grade K wire covering ... ; Hard Mipolam Vinidur .. Soft Mipolam sheet rolled .. Soft Mipolam sheet made from plasticised polyvinyl chloride - Igelit PCU ... Astralon sheet made from unplasticised interpolymers of the Igelit MP type .. ; Processing of Igelit to Mipolam sheet ..Ceresin Wax .. ;  Price to D.A.G. 28.7.44 RM/Kilo ... ; The Schopau PVC was much finer than the Ludwigshafen took up to the plasticiser more smoothly and stood high  ... ; Vinnol HH .. ; Heyden Dresden Tricresyl phosphate ... ; Mesamoll grade I I.G. Merseburg Phenolic ester ... ; Palatinol F I.G. Ludwigshafen Phthalate of Leuna alcohols C6 - C8 .. ; Plastomoll KF triethylene glycol .. ; ED 356 Märkische Seifenindustrie Rossleben Dessan ... ; IW 36 Märkische Seifenindustrie ... ; Diamyl phthalate .. ; Colours chrome yellow chrome green ..iron oxide red and yellow I.G. (very good) .. ; Venditor .. Dr. Fromm being in control of printed Mipolam sales ... ; Essential points in printing Mipolam ... ; Cable masses from polyvinyl chloride Dynamit A.G. Troisdorf Dr. Röhm director in charge ... At least 28,000 tons of polyvinyl chloride were produced in germany in 1944. Manufacture of soft Mipolam calendered sheet had been by them prohibited ...; Cable masses of plasticised polyvinyl chloride are appreciated in germany to have the same advantages and disadvantages as are recognised outside that country.  .... ; Self-ionisation of polyvinyl chloride, leading to conductivity by solution of the ions in plasticiser or absorbed water. ... ; Plastomoll TV ... ; Deutsche Grammophon G.m.b.H. Podbielskistrasse Hannover Herr Haertel works director Herr Schmidt works engineer .. ; undamaged condition  said that Mowilith (polyvinyl acetate) and Troschell a shellac substitute based on aldol had ben employed...


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