The Platinum Metals Industry

in Germany

BIOS 441


Reported by:

E.C. Rhodes

C.H. Jahn

A.G. Dowson


B.I.O.S. Trip No. 1530    November 1945

B.I.O.S. Target Nos.

21/21, C21/898, 21/28, C21/837, C21/896, 21/2, C21/103, C21/897

C.I.O.S. Black List Item No. 2



Keywords: W.C. Heraeus, Hanau (21/21); Independant laboratories of Dr. Heraeus (senior) and Dr. Ausärter Onstmettingen (21/898); Siebert-Degussa, Gold and Silver Refinery, Gutleutstrasse 2-15 (21/28); Siebert-Degussa Platinum Werke, Hauptbahnhofstrasse 13, Hanau (21/837); Siebert-Degussa Refractory Manufacturing plant Stierstadt near Frankfurt (21/28); Siebert-Degussa Precious Metal Fabricating Works Pforzheim (C21/896); KWI evacuated to ... (21/2?): Forschungsinstitut für Edelmetalle Schwäbisch-Gmünd (21/103); Agfa Kamera Werke Tergernsteerlandstrasse Munich (C21/897); Summary of research and titles of reprints provided by Dr. O. Kubaschewski KWI ... ; Dr. E. Raub ...; confiscation of products by the Occupying Forces made interrogation of personnel the most vital channel of technical intelligence ... ; ... t have been taken place in the reich, significant additions to both fundamental knowledge and processing techniques ... ; Special attention has been directed to the production of optically perfect mirror surfaces by evaporation of thin metal films on to glass. In particular the production of highly reflecting rhodium mirrors in the largest sizes required by industry had become normal commercial practice ... ; ... Attention has been directed to the effect of small quatities of beryllium as a potent hardener for platinum ... ; It was explained that Dr. Heraeus (senior) was not available as he has been "removed" for his earlier Nazi activities ?? ..; Spectroscopic quality control ... in collaboration with Siebert-Degussa Heraeus have in recent years devoted the greatest deal of attention to spectrographic ... Dr. K. Ruthardt and his colleagues is outstanding in this connection ... ; Palladium alloys ... ; Catalysts .. ; Spinnererts .. ; Dr. Auswärter joint Director ... Dr. Heisinger Scientist ... abrasion resistant film for corrosion resistant mirrors ... ; Siebert-Degussa Gutleutstrasse 2-15 Frankfurt .. Dr. Truthe manager .. Herr Weichel development man .. Frau Martin secretary to Truthe ... plant is intact... The refining of silver is normally carried out by the Moebius electrolytic process ... ; Gold refining The electrolytic gold refining was of the conventional Wohlwill type ... ; Palliag ... ; Siebert-Degussa Platinum Werke Hanau Hans Siebert and Herr Wilhelm Durchardt had been "removed"... ; Siebert_degussa refractory manufafacturing plant Stierstadt visited 20 November 1945 .. interviewed Dr. Stapelfedt chief chemist ... alumina articles ... beryllia articles .. Magnesia articles .. : KWI Stuttgart .. Dr. O. Kubaschewski deputy director, Dr. G. Schag research worker part time ... Dr. Grube not available as he has been held by the Americans for some two months though for non-political reasons .. ; gold-iridium alloys .. ; Forschungsinstitut für Edelmetalle .. Dr. E. Raub director, Dr. Esch Investigator ... the scope and quality of the equipment for metallurgical investigation was impressive and it would seem to have been the policy of the institute to discard obselete equipment as soon as up-to-date apparatus and instruments became available ... ; AGFA Kamera Werke Munich Herr Ziegler Director Herr Keltenback ..



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