Miscellaneous Electrical Factories

in the

British and American Zones

 BIOS 411


Reported by:

Lieut Comdr C.G. Lloyd - R.C.N.V.R.

N.L. Kusters - N.R.C. Canada


BIOS Item No. 1054

BIOS Item No. 31

Machinery and

Mechanical Equipment


BIOS Target Nos:

C31/141    C31/1810    C31/37    C31/380    C31/382    C31/1255    C31/1509    C31/272    C31/383    C31/2374    C31/1667


Subject: Firm Robert Bosch G.m.b.H., locations and persons, Employees, Products made, Items of interest, Mica substitute for Commutator Insulation, details on MP capasitors ... ; Firm Brown Boverie Co. (BBC) Location and Personnel, condition of plant ... ; Firm Siemens Schuckert Transformatorenwerk, Location, Personnel interviewed, condition of plant, Products made ... ; Siemens Schuckert Motorenwerk ... ; Firm A.F.A ... ; Firm Voigt und Haeffner A.G. Location Personnel interviewed ... ; Firm Felten und Guilleaume Carlswerk ... ; Firm Conz Elektrizitäts Gesellschaft Location ... ; Firm Hartmann und Braun (H & B)



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