German Fluorescent Lamp Industry


Phosphor Chemical Manufacture

BIOS 395


Reported by:-

Mr. S.A. Matthews    M.A.P.

Mr. J.T. Anderson

Dr. L. Levy

Mr. A.L. Randall

Dr. J.N. Aldington


BIOS Target Numbers:   

C31/2349, C22/2089, C22/3043, C31/675, 22/3, , C22/3044, C22/3045, C31/2350, C22/3046, 22/63a, C31/382, C22/937, C31/347a, C22/3046a, C31/2531, 22/65, C31/578, C22/3047, C22/3048, C31/832, C22/3028, C22/1936, C22/1415


B.I.O.S. Trip 1531


Keywords:    Discussion with Dr. Abrahamozik Heidelberg - Ultra-Violet phosphors - Outline of method of preparation I.R. phosphors; I.G. Farbenindustrie Aktiengesellschaft ; Kastunt Ehinger Factory Stuttgart ; Hauf Aktiengesellschaft Stuttgart Feuerbach - Wolfram Lampen Aktiengesellschaft - Linde Factory at Munich - Siemens Schuckert and S&F - Osram G.m.b.H. Examination of Herr Rothweiler - Fluorescent powder and lamp production High voltage fluorescent tubes - Wire and filament production; Auergesellschaft Aktiengesellschaft Berlin - ; Interview with Dr. Rosenthal Berlin - Interview with Dr. Koehler and Prof. Arndt; Telefunken - ; J.D. Reidel E. de Haen Seelze -; P. Beieresdorf & Co Hamburg .. ; Dr. Leonhard Birkofor (Birkhofer?) Dr. Maier Leibnitz - Dr. Bothe - Prof. Richard Kuhn - Dr. Hausser - Dr. Schons Dr. Reihl - Dr. Leibnitz  HNT 100 u. HNG 100 



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