German Aircraft Industry,

Dornier - Werke,

Friedrichshafen Area



Reported By:-

C. Horwarth    MAP

F.V. Smith    MAP

P.V. Hoare    MAP

A.W. Hotson    RAE


CIOS Item 25



Target Nos. 25/8, 25/202, 25/252, C 25/514, 25/11, 25/293, C 25/515


List of targets visited



Personnel interviewed - General policy

Dispersal - Labour Force - wages

Hours worked - materiel - Air Rail Shelters

Underground Factory - Überlingen

Aircraft - Data - Production

Production Notes and Man Hours

Press work - rolled & extructed sections

Pipes & fittings - Jig & tools

Inspection & workmanship

Welding - undercarriage

Mechanical tests & general observation


Keywords:    The team left England on 17th July 1945 and returned on the 28th July, 1945; Dr. Schneider - Herr Oesterle - Herr Flittiger - Herr Herzog - Dr. Wieland - Herr Geisberger - Herr Hofmann; The German Air Ministry did not discuss with the firm the output required, they were ordered to produce either aircraft of their own or other firms'design to a programme set at Air Ministry Headquarters.... ; Proi to the bombing early 1944 the firm occupied some 11 factories and were almost self-contained for the production of airframes; normal hours worked were 69 to 72 hours per week. In general the factories only worked day shifts. Night shift was used to clear bottlenecks or on receipt of material after a shortage ... ; The main factory at Manzell had extremely well laid-out shelters under most of the factory ... ; Underground factory the construction of a factory was commenced early in 1944 ... ; The total floor planned 47,000 sq.yds (about 40,000 m2 .. and they planned to employ in their portion of the factory some 9,000 workers on a 3-shift basis .. ; The Dornier Do 335 ...; January design commenced .... ; The dispersed sites were well chosen ..



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