Brief notes on German Research work done at Kochel, Otterbrun and L.F.A. Volkerode



Reported by:-

Dr. S.H. Hollingdale, M.O.S.


B.I.O.S. Trip No, 367c

B.I.O.S. Target Nos:



Members of the team were Mr. Lockspeiser, M.O.S.

Mr. W.J. Richards, M.O.S.

Dr. S.H. Hollingdale, M.O.S.

Sq Ldr. Green, B.I.O.S. Group 2



The section of Peenemünde dealing with supersonics was evacuated to Kochel in 1944, and full operation had not been achieved at the new site by the end of the war, The equipment is now being dismantled for removal to U.S.A. .. The target is being thoroughly covered by Mr. P.R. Owen of the M.A.P. team. ...; The supersonic tunnels operating by suction into an evacuated spere (working section 40 cms square maximum speed M = 4.4) ... ; a tunnel for testing model athodyds .. ; Dr. Hermann said that work on A2 and A2 (the forerunner of A4) was started at Peenemünde in 1934 .. ; Professor Peters (Otterbrunn) he worked at MIT for 10 years returning to Germany for a "summer vacation"in July 1939; Dr. Baumke intended to have three main aerodynamic research centres, viz D.V.L Berlin, L.F.A. Volkerode and a third in south Germany .. Professor Weisselberger (returned from Japan) ..; The power was supplied by two motors, each capable of 6,000 kilowatts for 10 minutes ... ; Tunnel at Imsk Utsahl was ... ; Professor Rossmann & Dr. Hackemann ... L.F.A.; Dr. Schussler .. Dr. Schugt?(Schucht??)  ; Professor Schardin..; Piezo electric gauges were extensively used ..


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