Structural Work at

Focke - Wulf, Bad Eilson

BIOS 285

(should be Bad Eilsen, AOB)


Recorded by:

F/LT. D.C. Appleyard R.A.E.


BIOS Target No. 25/15



Keywords:    Personnel interrogated; Design requirements; Loading conditions; Repeated loading; Thin Sheet Construction; Photoelasticity; Strain Gauges; Fatigue Testing of joints; Materials of construction and fabrication methods; Wooden construction; use of plastics; spot welding; accident and defect work; Incidental Intelligence; conclusions; Menzel deputy for Dr. Heintzelmann in the stress group - Buckebourg?? Hannoversche Str.6; Creray deputy for Dr. Cassens in the load analysis group; Wehrse Head of group dealing with new constructional methods; Gscheidlinger development of plastics for aircraft use; Heck employed in stress group; Dose research testing and development of testing methods; Müller welding and glueing; Durnheim dynamic testing; latest design requirements issued by R.L.M. were those of 1936 edition of the Bauvorschriften ... ; Loading conditions .. flight factor ..; Acceptance was based on a "design life" for the aeroplane of which the following were given as examples: Fighter 500 hrs - Bomber 1000 hrs - Transport 10,000 hrs ...; Experimental and theoretical work ... ; Dose, who worked at the laboratory in Detmold, had spent considerable time on photoelestic work ... He has investigated in particular the stress distribution in a cantilever beam with large circular out-outs ... ; Wooden construction The firm had concentrated on the development of laminated construction initially of the form of Buche or Breche, 0.5 mm thick ... ; The use of plastics The most outstanding example of the use for load-bearing fittings was the root-end fittings of the radius rod on the undercarriage of the TA154 .... ; D.V.L. structures .. 




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