Some Aspects of German

Work on High Temperature


BIOS 272

Reported by

F/Lt. R. Skorski

M.A.P. (R.A.E.)


BIOS Trip No. 1213


BIOS Target numbers

21/43, C21/324



Keywords:    Interviews with: Dr. Max. Bentels of Hirth-Motoren (Stuttgart) .. Richard Walther at Starnberg (21/43) .. Dr. Schulte of M.A.N. Augsburg (C21/324); Heater elements for 1400 - 1700° C;  reports on the following authors were read: Schelp, Berlin; Oestrich, Berlin-Spandau; E. Schmidt, Braunschweig; Sorensen, Augsburg; Rath, Hermsdorf; Dirkusen, Braunschweig; v. Lutz, Braunschweig; the following products were discussed: Quartzglas - Artostan (should be Ardostan, AOB) - Tonerde - Siliziumlnarbid? Staatliche Porzellanmanufaktur - Calit (Hescho) hohe Zugfestigkeit grosse Wärmedehnung; Dr. Miller Staatliche Porzellanmanufaktur; Dr. Stuchart email spelist; Dr. Bentele Hirth Motoren Co; Richard Walter died on 11 November 1945 ...



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