German Aircraft Industry

BIOS 254


Report of visit by repressentatives of SHORT Bros. (Rochester & Bedford) LTD.

on September 24th - 29th 1945


Reported by:

Mr. W. Swallow    Chief Production Engineer - Short Bros.

Mr. D.Keith-Lucas    Chief Aeriodynamics Assistant - Short - Bros.


BIOS. Party No. 1264

BIOS Target Numbers

4/50, 4/48(a), 25/186, 25/3, C25/385, 26/43, C9/566, C9/269

Members of the party:


Keywords:    Targets Seaplane testing Establishment, Travemünde; Walter Werke, Kiel; Application of the Walter Engines; Blohm and Voss, Finkenwerder (Finkenwarder); Drawing Office; Parts of BV.238 - BV.222 - BV155; Blohm and Voss Elbschloss - Blohm und Voss Barsbüttel?; J.D. Möller, Wedel; L.F.A. Volkenrode; Design - flying controls - Ailerons - Elevators - Rudders - Tab Box - Wing Spar - Hull structure - Wing Tip Floats - Planing Bottom; Blohm und Voss factories; interrogation of Mr. Gaats production engineer; Interrogation of Dr. Vogt Chief designer; Blohm und Voss 238 construction; D.B.606 engines geared in pairs in single units .. "T Stoff"  ... ; "C Stoff" .. ; Catalysts .. ; The progress made at Walter works is most impressive and is indeed for the allies that the applications had advanced no further before the cessatation of hostilities .. ; Blohm & Voss Hamburg .. ; Wind tunnels .. ; Full scale lofting .. Blohm & Vos had adopted photographic lofting. The apparatus used was most impressive and obiously very expensive ...



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