German Photoconducting Cells

for the

Detection of Infra-Red Radiation



Reported by

S/D.O. T.F. Johns, M.A.P.


C.I.O.S. Black list Item 9

Target Nos. 9/144, 9/89


Keywords:    Object of visiting; Targets visited; Outline of work done in Germany; Manufacture of the ELAC Lead Sulphide Cells; Properties of the ELAC Cells; Led Tellluride Cells; Conclusion recommendations; From the interrogation of Dr. Kutzscher of ELAC KG, Kiel in London some weeks ago, it was apparent that a considerable amount of work has been done in germany since 1939 ...; Dr. Sommer - Mr. Nickerson - Dr. Hecht; Prof. Pohl - Dr. Krezien (at Göttingen); Prof. Gudden; Prof. Pohl .. ; Tempering of the film ... sensitivity ... Dr. Karolus and Dr. Treu Phys.Inst. Prague (Prof. Gudden) ...; noise level; reproducibility ..; Prof. R.W. Pohl),

Conclusion: The germans have developed very sensitive photoconducting cells for the detection of infra-red radiation, but clearly do not understand the physical basis of the photoconducting effect.



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