Information Obtained During an Interrogation

of Dr. Federn (Carl Schenk G.m.b.H) on

Matters Connected with Vibration

and Shock

BIOS 1856


Reported by

A.V. Parker    M.O.S. (R.A.E. Farnborough)

F/Lt. J.M.S. Adams    M.O.S. (T.R.E., Malvern)


B.I.O.S. Trip No. 1140


Target No:- 1/283



Keywords:    The design and performance of the Carl Schenck "Rütteltisch" ....; Object of visit .. ; No information concerning the mechanical durability testing of radio equipment for the armed forces of Germany had been collected ... and very few targets associated with such work were known ...; Dr. Federn of Carl Schenk G.M.B.H. was known to be an expert on the design of balancing and material vibration testing machines .... ; Much useful information to the structural design of vibration machines was obtained ... ; Carl Schenck G.M.B.H. of Darmstadt, Essen, in Germany were engaged prior to 1939 mainly in the development and production materials testing machines ... ; At the end of 1937, on their own initiative, they designed a vibration table using the same driving mechanism as in the Reverse Bending Tester .... ; Difficulties encountered in obtaining special driving motors for higher speeds up to 6,000 r.p.m. delayed the raising of maximum frequency until 1942. In this year the Reichsluftfahrtministerium (r.L.M.) Department G.L.C.-5 ....Nominal characteristics ... ; The waveforms of amplitude, velocity and acceleration ...were ...; stroboscopic Equipment ... ;

Anti-Vibration Mountings .. Dr. Federn mentioned two firms concerned with the production of anti-vibration mountings The first was the Continental Caoutschouc Co. Hannover ... the second being "Getefo" (Gesellschaft für Technische Fortschritt G.m.b.H. Schwarzach formerly of Berlin

Dr. Klotter of the Technical High School Berlin has carried out work in connection ....

Conclusion Considering once again the Carl Scheck "Rütteltisch" its main feature may be summarised as follows:-    The machine is foolproof and can be used by unskilled personenel. The balanced reation type of machine needs much more care in use ...

The movement is sustantially sinusoidal

.. There is no resonance in any part of the machine between 0 and 100 c.p.s. vibration frequency for rigid loads up to approximately 75 lbs.

During 1944 and 1945 the "Rütteltisch" had been equipped with a calibrated microscope and also dial gauges using the contact method descibed in paragraph 6.2 ...

Messrs Hartmann and Braun of Frankfurt-am-Main purchased a Scheck "Rütteltisch" in 1941. Since 1937 they had used a machine maufactured by Losenhausen, Düsseldorf, for testing aircraft instruments ...

Berlin-Trepslow (Treptow??, AOB) make a vibration table but that is a very unsatisfactory machine ...

List of Firms and Individuals with details of work carried out in connection with vibration

RLM Location Berlin OKL    Peenemünde (later known as Karlshagen) .... Anschutz Kiel-Neumühlen  .... List location Berlin Treslow (Treptow??, AOB) LGW Hakenfelde Spandau Streitsrasse 5 - 17

D.V.L. Berlin Adlershof Dr. Viehmann

Boosch Stuttgart

Zeiss-Ikon Dresden Produce stroboscopes

Askania Berlin S.W.

Junkers Dessau ..

Kraftfahrtforschung Stuttgart (Prof. Kamm)

Naval Problems Danzig Gedingen or Gotenhafen)

Torpedoversuchsanstalt Eckerförde .. (bei Kiel)

Technische Hochschule Darmstadt ...(Prof Viehweg) ...

M.A.N. Augsburg - Nürnberg

Dr. Lehar (deceased) Augsburg

Erprobungsstelle Rechlin This establishment was responcible for all approval testing for german Air Force (GAF, AOB) They placed an order for 150 "Rütteltisch' machines

A.E.G. Berlin

Samson Apparatenbau Frankfurt am Main ..

Philips Eindhoven

Majhak Hamburg


Dr. Klotter

Telefonbau und Normalzeit (TN, AOB) ...

KWI Düsseldorf ...

Getefo    Schwarzach ..

Leitz Wetzlar

Dr. Heymann (Heinemann??, AOB)

Prof. Honwick Delft Holland ...



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