High Strength Aluminium-Zinc-Magensium

Alloy Development in Germany

BIOS 1770


Reported by:

Dr. H. Sutton    M.o.S.

Mr. J. Crowther


B.O.I.S. Trip No. 2482 July, 1946

C.I.O.S. Black List Item No. 21



Keywords:    Wartime Production; Composition; Casting of billets; Extrusion of Alloy, Rolling Sheet; Riverts, Forging, Heat Treatment; Stress Corrosion, Exposure Tests; History - Production I.G. Farben V.L.W.; Flw 3425 .. produced by I.G. Farben and V.L.W. .. Flw 3415 .. ; Prof. Bollenradt said that D.V.L. had research the conclusion that .. ; Dr. Altwicker (I.G.) claimed that ... ; Wielandwerke ... ; Eloxal .. ; The main requirements of Specification Flw 3415 (March 1942 issue) ... ; The Main Requirements of Specification Flw 3425 ... ; Fliegwerkstoff 3415 (Note by Professor Max Hass, October 1946) .. Only about 100 forms of the "Fleigwerkstoff"Form 3415 have been printed and never has been officially issued. .. Fliegwerkstoff-Handbuch had been edited by the Technical Office of the RLM Fliegwerkstoff Al-Cu-Mg was equivalent to Fliegwerkstoff 3116 .. ; According to German opinion the English alloy Hanco contained 7-8% of zinc and 2 Mg with chromium as stabilizer contains too much zinc and magnesium. The same applies to the American alloy 75 S with 7.5% Zn, 1.5% Mg, 0.5% Mn and 0.5% Cu.Questions submitted to Dr. Siebel (I.G.) ..Hydronalium Alloys ..




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