German Research

on semi-conductors, metal

rectifiers, detectors and


BIOS 1751


Reported by

E. Billig

BIOS Trip No. 3121


* These numbers represent target numbers


Keywords:    Object of trip;    List of those interviewed and their engagements; Prof. R.W. Pohl Chief of the first Physical Institute at Göttingen - AlkaliHalide Crystals, Colour Centres and Light Absorbtion; By diffusion of one of the constituent elements into the crystal .. ; By direct introduction of electrons into the crystal .. ; By the exposure to X-Rays ..; Theory of colour centres .. (Störstellen); F'Centres .. ; Effect of hydrogen .. ; Absorbtion Bands due to Impurities .. ; Electrical Conductivity of Solids .. ; Photo-chemical effects .. ; Super-Conductivity .. ; Resistances for Wireless Sets ... Prof. Schottky consultant to Siemens & Halske is mainly in the development of the theory of contact rectifiers .. ; Prof Brill of I.G. Farben (Oppau near Ludwigshafen and T.H. Darmstadt .. ; Electron density .. Valency .. ; Dr. Krebs a chemist by training with I.G. Farben .. Crystal Structure of Se .. ; Addition of Impurities .. ; According to Schottky's theory .. this furnished information on the distribution of impurity centres in the barrier layer .. ; Dr. C. Bosch of the A.E.G./F.I. (AEG) (Research Institute) .. ; Dr. F. Waibel physicist with Siemens & Halske .. ; Prof. P. Günther physical chemist of Königsberg and Breslau University, now with Siemens . .. ; Synthesis of Pyrite Crystals FeS2 .. ; Pure Silicon Crystals SiCl4 ...melting point (1420° C) .. ; Dr. König previously of T.H. Danzig, now at Göttingen University .. ; Prof. Frerichs of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, Berlin-Dahlem (KWI) and T.U. Berlin-Charlottenburg has been working for the Osram Studiengesellschaft ... ; CdS Photo-Conducting Cell .. ; TlS Photo-Voltaic Cell .. ; Dr. M. Treu was assistant to Prof. Gudden of Erlangen University .. died in 1945 ; Dr. Schaffernicht of A.E.G. (AEG) Valve Works Claustal .. ; Image Converters using Photo-Conductors .. ; Dr. J. Kaspar a physical chemist with the A.E.G. ... ; Johnson Noise .. ; Dr. H. Gaertner now with the Bizonal Economic Department at Minden during the he held a responcible position at the Heeres-Waffen-Amt, Berlin in the Department for Optics and Measurement .. ; Dr. Veith formerly A.E.G. (AEG); Herr Schmalenberger formerly Reichspost-Forschungsanstalt Berlin Berlin-Reinickendorf now engaged by the Russians in Berlin; Dr. Fenner formerly Reichsost-Forschungsanstalt .. ; Dr. Allekotte formerly physicist in Heereswaffenamt (HWa) Berlin Charlottenburg; Dr. Lotz Berlin-Siemensstadt Forschungslabor .. ; Dr. Plesse formerly Zeiss Jena now working with Zeiss Opton?? . ; Prof. Dr. M. Czerny Frankfurt a/M Physikalisches Institut der Universität Robert Mayerstrasse 2..; Dr. Kutzscher formerly Elac Kiel .. ; Dr. Treu formerly assistant of the late Prof. Gudden Prag ..; Dr. Casper formerly A.E.G. (AEG) Forschungsinstitut Berlin-Reinickendorf now perhaps Konstanz Bodensee (French Sector, AOB) .. ; Dr. Rein  formerly I.G. Farben Werk Mainkur Frankfurt-Fechenheim ..; Prof. H. Kallmann of the KWI .. ; Photography by Neutrons similar in principe to X-Ray photography ..



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