The Uses of Zinc in Germany

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Keywords: In 1939 Germany was the world's second largest producer and consumer of zinc, the U.S.A. being the first; From some years before the war, this production had been supplemented  by imports from Belgium, Poland and Norway ... ; Statistics drawn up by the team given in this report .. ; The supply position with regard to the other common non-ferrous metals naturally affected wartime developments in the use of zinc. ... ; Against this background it was natural that Germany should turn to zinc and zinc alloy as substitute for brass and that zinc should be used ... ; Reichsstelle für Eisen und Metalle; Zinkberatungsstelle G.m.b.H. In 1939 it was clear ... ; The office of the Beratungsstelle was completely destroyed towards the end of the war .. ; The uses of Zinc .. ; Whereas in England the casting alloys received most attention during the war, the German did most work on forming alloys; and the development and use of these alloys were by far the main feature in the war-time industry .. ; No similar state of affairs ever existed in the U.K. or in the U.S.A. where copper was comparatively abundant at all times during the war .. ; One interesting feature in the use of wrought alloys ... ; Other uses such as galvanizing, spraying, rolling etc do not seem to have been much affected by war conditions ... ; Statistics .... ; Zinc Supply .. ; The Metallgesellschaft A.G. .. ; Total Supply .. ; Individual Smelter Production .. ; High Purity Zinc .. ; Metallic Zinc Dust .. ; Zinc Concentrates .. ; Zinc Consumption .. ; Semi-Official estimates .. ; Cadmium Supply and Consumption ... ; The Corrision Protection of Zinc & Zinc Alloys with Metallic Finishes




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