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FuG10 (FuG X) Prüftafel (PT10)

Upper row from left to right: Long wave Sender S10aL - shortwave Sender S10aK; KA10 (Künstliche-Antenne = dummy-load)

Second row: long wave receiver E10aL* - shortwave receiver E10aK; remote controls to both antennae tuners (antennae short and long wire) FBG3 *often known as E10L, this is, however, not correct, as these modified types differ from the old types E10L

Very down: the switch for mains or battery operation; fuse switches (Selbstschalter); control box (Schaltkasten) to select and distribute audio sources (SK13 = Schaltkasten 13); AD .... The text: 'Nur für Batteriebetrieb' means: Only for battery operation. Consequently, the power supply mounting frames (racks) are allowing only rotary generators supplied from a 28 (29)volt source (24 volt battery being fully charged)**. However, the original AC power-cord (Netzkabel mit Schuko-Stecker) is still available(wired). **These mounting frames have, in contrast, provisions for both power sources. On this picture not visible, as they are positioned in the rear (section) of PT10

On the far right the EZ6 system receiver and below the V6 left-right synchronous amplifier. On top of EZ6 the left-right indicator AFN2

The shelves above the FuG10 display

First shelf far left: Umformer U.O. 24 V dc -220 V ac convertor (used for servicing aircraft in the field; box to Libellenoktant 127-134b (astronomical navigation instrument); P.S.U.o.B test set to the Lorenz blind approach system (which could be operated by means of the voltage converter U.O see previous info); R&S (PTE) WIQ 1500-12000 kHz (see Na-Liste); on the far right PQK.2 (Prüf Quarz Kontrollgerät)

On the left the upper shelf: WIQ long wave version 90-720 kHz; U10E; S10K2; LGW (Siemens) gyro compass to K-12; FuG16 receiver module; FuG16ZY (facilitated with Y-mode (see Navigational aids); Umformer U8 (rotary generator); Power supply to Y- ground systems; far left U17 rotary generator to FuG16 and FuG17 aircraft systems


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