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Inside views of the "Mischgerät" of the German "V 2 (=A4)", analog, computer (WW II)

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Photographs made by Adri de Keijzer

Inside view of one of the ring-modulator modules (stages) (the adjacent module below has been removed  (disconnected)). The two black devices on the right-hand side are EF 14 high slope amplifier valves (tubes). The rectifier-cells on the far left-hand side belong to the ringmodulator circuit.


View on the opposite side of the mounting frame (screening covers removed)

The principle of this analog computer had been brought, by Werner von Braun, to the US shortly after WW II.
Peenemünde used a similar kind of computer technology (technical calculations), be it with far more capabilities. There is evidence, that this kind of technology (principle)had been used for a decade since in the US.

Hoelzer (Hölzer), its inventor, became later an American citizen and became a director of an American mathematical institute. Reagard also his paper on this subject

The ringmodulator technology has advantages, as DC signals could now be controlled by AC means.


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