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Page initiated on 5 November 2015

Status: 5 November 2015


Looking desperately for support


We encounter a real annoying problem with getting our Telefunken

T 8 Magnetophon operating properly again.

I don't know why, but most AW 1 capstan motors seemingly suffer from a bended capstan axis; and from other problems too.

The genuine capstan motor in our T 8 machine was not genuine - and once in Belgium treated in such a manner that it cannot function properly again.

Herr Fischer, a German tape recorder collector, advised me once - to adopt a capstan motor of the AEG AW 1 Magnetophon apparatus of the early 1950.

He then very kindly donated a motor.


The AW 1 was one of the first tape recorders on the market in the first half of the 1950s

(Photo found somewhere on the web, courtesy Jan ten Have)

Its successor AW 2 was well accepted in those days. But this latter machine type being fit, according to Bernd Fischer, with a much bulkier motor version. Which cannot be mounted into the space available underneath our T 8 Magnetophon tape deck.

The AW 1 machine was using a single motor, for recording/play as well as for tape rewinding. (forward winding was not yet foreseen)


The AW 1 'Tonmotor' being mounted into our T 8 Magnetophon chassis. Luckily the (motor) fixing screws just fit to one another

The motor shown here did suffer from increasing problems. First heard from the loudspeaker - at irregular intervals a sparking sound. In the course of experiments, the motor started to run sometimes at irregular speed when the motor heated itself up.

This nuisance most likely being caused by insufficient electrical insulation.

When we opened another motor of the same type, it was well noticed that the 'oil-linnen' insulation shows open coil windings on several places, likely forecasting future problems. 



Seemingly there are several problems:- most AW 1 motor axis being hit such that their axis being bend a bit; of course, killing for a tape recorder application.


Apparently - their existed two type versions, one for a tape-speed of 76.2 cm/s and one for 38.1 cm/s.

From outside both look equal.


We are desperately looking for another AW 1 Tonmotor

With or without tape deck.



Jaap is trying urgently to get the capstan axis re-aligned appropriately again.

For it he did have to dismantle the motor first.


What we discovered did stop our bereaving; we have never seen such a construction before, are you astonished too?

(Courtesy Jaap Keijzer)

The two top-end rotor sections (left and right) are both magnetic - and the centre piece being like a regular 'short-cut rotor'; found within most asynchronous electrical motors.

The magnetic poles are not be covered (dipping into) by the magnetic stator section entirely.

Does one of you have an explanation as to how this works?

We guess, that its function might be as to stabilise and/or synchronise the asynchronous rotor rotation.

Asynchronous motor tend to 'hunt' in speed, due to 'rotor-slip'


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