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Page initiated on 5 May 2017

Although, this project started on already January 2017


On 8/10 June 2017


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This project should be regarded Hans’ project



Hans Goulooze was concentrating first on making the remote control to the Ebl 3F operational

This didn't commenced well in first instance, because the parts obtained via Ebay weren't of sound quality.



It soon proved that quite some was lacking, such a the driving motor within the right-hand section of our Ebl 3F


On the right-hand side the FBG2 rmote control unit, which includes an indication that inside the Ebl 3F the correct setting being accomplished.



On 20 April 2017

Hans Goulooze was busy with getting sufficient sensitive reception.


With some care the EBL 3F started to operate, albeit, in the beginning quite some work laid ahead

YouTube films demonstrating the FBG 2 remote control interacting with the Ebl 3F mechanism

Film 0233

Film 0234

Film 0235

Film 0236

Film 0237   

Film 0238



On 8/10 June 2017


Hans Goulooze has made good progress in getting the combined EBL3F and EBL2 operational again.

The previous week he encountered all sorts of nuisances, but didn't yet grasped what the faults caused.



On the left-hand side the EBL 3F receiver, next to it the EBL 2 module, with removed screening plates. In the centre Hans Goulooze holds an open AFN 1 indicator in his hands

For this occasion we operate an AFN1 because this sample is at hand including cable connector as well as neon indicator lamp.



Getting a better vision on what Hans is actually doing

Please notice the device with connecting-pin-holes. It is a very versatile device by which means one can measure signals inside a cable interconnection.

Its type is P Mst1 (Prüfmeßstecker Typ 1)



The centre connector-section is feeding the connector pins 1 : 1 onto the according test (Büchsen) connections of the remote P Mst 1 module

The pin and cable numbers are maintained equal. Albeit, that in one occasion a resistor being implemented; its purpose is to allow measuring across the resistor as to get the actual current flowing.



For this occasion the SMS signal generator being used as to supply the modulated carrier at 32.0000 MHz, which equals EBL 3F channel number 21

As to get 1150 Hz necessary for simulating the long-distance landing-beacon-signal an external tone generator being used.



It finally was discovered that an incorrect contact number inside the EBL 2 connector had been once made

This easily can happen as all cables are of equal yellow colour.



However, the fault was determined and it all started to operate as may be expected in this experimental stage

The small circuit between the coaxial antenna input and the coaxial cable interconnecting the SMS has been implemented as to prevent damaging of the SMS signal-attenuator.


YouTube films:

Film 0244

Film 0245

Film 0246

To be continued in due course



By Arthur O. Bauer